Afforestation and tree planting

To meet your business green goals we provide help to plant trees on your land or find place to do it according your context. We support tree plantings for long term commitment. We use native tree societies and enhance biodiversity.
Advisory on afforestation activities on various types of land respecting native species and enhancing biodiversity. We focus on customers for long term commitment to have a forest on their land. Trees should stay on place for 40 years, in some cases 25 years. We use native tree societies in Baltic/Northern Europe context. For functional plantings (windbreaks, buffers) we guide for achieving functionality as fast as possible

  • windbreaks, buffers around industries
  • abandoned agriculture land
  • lawns, grasslands...
  • Tiny (Miyawaki) forests
  • Replacement spruce plantations with broad leaf forests



  1. Site assessment to gather land historical use , micro climate, soil, water, vegetation data and other,
  2. Make a Potential natural vegetation assessment base on local native forest areas,
  3. Proposal about potential tree planting scenarios,
  4. Planting management.

Why go native?
Native plants play a vital role in the health of forest ecosystem by supporting biodiversity and wildlife. Native species are adapted to climate, forest local environment and are better suited to our native wildlife. A native landscape is a living landscape with a wide assortment of beneficial insects, birds and pollinators that create a balanced system.

A native plant is “a plant...that has evolved in a given place over a period of time sufficient to develop complex and essential relationships with the physical environment and other organisms in a given ecological community.” Rick Darke & Doug Tallamy, “The Living Landscape”

Plant protection
Most of broad leaf trees in the northern Europe are susceptible to deer browsing. To speed up forest stand establishment planted areas need to be fenced or plants need to have individual protection. If your land is already fenced then it is an advantage.