Agroforestry and Polycyclic forestry

Agroforestry stands between traditional agriculture and forestry. This is tree planting on agricultural land to use trees as natural part of landscape and use more efective your land. This include windbreaks, alleys, tree groups, buffer zones. 
Agroforestry plantings increase biodiversity, give home to lot of organisms and create the green corridors for migration or population connection.

Polycyclic tree plantings are intentionally planted together fast and slow growing trees for continuous: timber harvest for many decades. In northern climate it is a mix of aspen, alder, poplar, willow with oak, beech and other hardwood species. We appreciate planting a shrub layer for enhancing biodiversity.


  1.   Site assessment to gather historical use, micro climate, soil, water, vegetation data and potential future
  2.   Model the potential tree planting benefits on agricultural land 
  3.   Proposal about potential implementation scenarios

Plant protection
Most of broad leaf trees in the northern Europe are susceptible to deer browsing. To speed up forest stand establishment planted areas need to be fenced or plants need to have individual protection.