Nut tree nursery

We are specialized small scale nut tree and native plant nursery. Plants are grown from seed 

Seeds we collect from selected trees in the Baltics and northern Europe with aim to spread the best trees for nut crop. Trees are :walnuts, sweet chestnuts, hazel , oaks.
Plants available spring 2024 (bareroot 1y seedlings):
Juglans regia : Upisa gen 3 (LV), Kivik (SE), Baske (SE), Torup (SE)
Castanes sativa: Malmö (SE), Baske (SE), Stockholm (SE) (sold out)

Seeds/nuts for autumn 2024  (pre-order):
Crab apple (Malus sylvestris) 'Vadakste Timber"
Common walnut (Juglans regia) Latvian selection  nuts

Native plants for autumn 2024
Berberis vulgaris, Frangula alnus, Cornus sanguinea
Plant & seed order

Gallery: Trees in progress

Gallery : Seed sources