We help to bring back the bio diverse broad leaved forests on spruce monocultures or on abandoned /self afforested agriculture lands. Our expertise cover Latvia and middle and south Sweden climate and forest conditions. We do transition mimicking natural proceses

Reforestation or planting broad leaved forest in the spruce mono cultures or other pioneer forests. We cover all process from inception to completion. We work with native or PNV (potential native vegetation) species. The most important in transition are to take care about forest ecosystem capacity to regenerate and in most cases transition could take several years.
The basic steps for transition:

  • site assessment
  • risk analysis
  • planning
  • plants and planting.

Advisory services in reforestation, afforestation, agroforestry and tree planting. Focusing on broad leaf forests in Baltic/Nordic context and biodiversity.  We like to work with our customers from project inception to completion.